It can be used inside an org, or outside the org on any sites page or portal tab or page. Salesforce community cloud connects you and your customers. Salesforce community cloud experts with a wealth of experience. We can help you to build and maintain your community.


Set yourself up for success by joining the Partner Community. Explore & learn best practices from other Salesforce partners. You’ll learn which app-building path is right for you.


In the second step, it’s time to start building and turn your idea into reality with us. Sign up for a free Development Edition to build your app or connector.


Managed packages provide intellectual property protection, enable the delivery of seamless upgrades, and provide support for license enforcement features.


A compelling AppExchange listing helps customers understand your value with demos, screenshots, pricing, and even on-the-spot trials or installs.


Security Review helps establish trust between you and Salesforce customers. Salesforce provides numerous free security resources to assist you.


The AppExchange is a complete marketplace offering cloud-computing applications and consulting services. Before you can make your own app or service publicly available to potential customers, you must be a Salesforce partner.

The creative power behind each AppExchange app is a Salesforce user. AppExchange gives users a place to create, publish, or install apps and extensions to Salesforce. Briefly, here is how AppExchange works.

A Salesforce user initiates the process by creating a custom object, custom tab, or set of dashboards and reports that improves business. Customers can share their customization with other Salesforce users as an app or extension.