is an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing platform which allows user to develop, package and instantaneously deploy applications without any infrastructure.

With Salesforce lightning platform, we can help you in create and deploy that are rock solid and scalable. We can also assist you in automating your processes, integrating with external application, deliver mobile experience and more.

App Development

We, as a Salesforce partner company, can help you in developing product up to 5 times faster while cutting your cost by 50%.

Let’s understand how lightning platform can add value to your organization.

Lightning fast Application builder

Lightning platform lets you build the app with drag and drop tools without writing even a single line of code. Lightning process builder lets you automate your business process and modify your data object relationships.

Customize your Data Model

Lightning Platform includes a powerful, tightly integrated cloud database with features that makes it faster and easier to create applications. Companies can add custom fields to standard objects or create custom objects to store information that suits their organization’s requirements. Using Lightning Connect you can connect to external data sources and use them seamlessly in your application with no need to sync or migrate your data.

Apex code to the rescue

Lightning platform has a lots of feature that can help the organizations build their customized application as per their requirements, however, many of the times the applications require more customization – Apex can come to your rescue in that case!

Apex, is a strongly-typed, object-oriented programming language with which you can build powerful business logic, create custom triggers and even perform asynchronous calls that run in a separate thread of execution.

Integrate with anything using powerful APIs

Use REST or SOAP APIs to access, modify and report on your organization’s data and to create notifications when it changes. Update your data model programmatically with our Metadata API and get real-time notification when data changes with the Lightning Platform Streaming API.

Stay protected with enterprise-grade security

Lightning Platform includes robust, out of the box security controls that handle user authentication and let you specify which users or groups of users can view, create, edit, or delete any record or field in the app. Using profiles, sharing rules, permission sets, and role hierarchies you get precision control over how data is shared across your users.


Customize your UI with clicks or go further with HTML

You can easily customize page layouts, specify filter criteria for list views and create tabs to access custom objects – all without code! If you need to extend the Salesforce UI you can create re-usable Lightning Components using HTML, CSS and Javascript or build entirely new user interfaces with Visualforce and your JavaScript framework of choice.

Our Salesforce Consultants can help you in your end-to end journey of app development which includes –

Discovery – Wondering if the platform is right for you and how to go about it? No worries – we can help you in finding the right solution by detailed requirement gathering, gap and cost analysis of the platform.

Prototyping:  Now when you have a clear envision on what to create, our developers and UI designer can produce a fast turn-around interactive prototype. This will not only give you a rough idea on how the product is going to look and function but also help us in validating the technical feasibility and get feedback. App Development: Once the prototype is finalised, we will start working on your dream product. We can help you in designing and developing an efficient, customizable and easy to integrate application. We practice agile methodology for product development, so that you’re always aware about the progress and we can get feedback and notes on improvement.

Launch: We package, publish and manage applications on AppExchange for our customers. We offer user training, customization, enhancements, and integration of your product with third-party applications. App development