Technology is Redefining Consumer Expectations

In the era, where we are heading towards the fourth technology revolution, these technologies are empowering consumer, which is changing their expectation of the brand experience.

Today consumer is the king in real sense – choosing the platform, devices and means of communication. They expect brands to know who they are, know what their preferences are, and expect to be surprised and delighted in ways that are meaningful, relevant, and timely.

This is leading to the increased competition of companies’ basis of their ability to provide a human connection, along with attaining their core marketing goal, i.e. building brand and improving ROI.




How can the brands achieve this goal, you asked?


Technology is redefining

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing cloud helps you cover the three pillars of building a long lasting relationship with your customers which are:

Know your customer

Unified View of the Consumer

Connect data across multiple sources and devices

Trusted Data

Capture and activate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data

Relevant Audience Segments

Discover, build, and reach new audience segments

Measurement and Analytics

Understand and action cross-channel consumer behavior

Know Your Customer

Personalize with Intelligence

Personalized with intellige

Einstein-Powered Experiences

Orchestrate every interaction with the power of AI

Intelligent and Actionable Insights

Listen, interpret, and respond to consumer intent

Right Content, Right Channel

Personalize based on attributes, preferences, and location

Consumer Rights and Trust

Create authentic communications based on consent

Engage Across the Entire Journey

Two-Way, Real-Time Engagement

Personalize journeys from awareness to advocacy

Relationships at Scale

Dynamically deliver the next best action per individual

Connected Touch points

Integrate email, mobile, ads, social, web, and apps

Breakdown of Silos

Connect Marketing with Sales, Service, and Commerce

engage across the entire journey

Advertising Studio

It allows marketer to use our CRM data to securely power 1-to-1 advertising across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and open web display channels at scale

DMP and Data Studio

DMP and Data Studio

It allows the marketer to capture and manage all the online data — so 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data — from any source and device to reconcile identity, segment, and activate to reach people wherever they are across the open web


Interaction Studio

It allows marketer to capture all the real-time signals across any device, visualize the consumer lifecycle, and take action in real-time with the next best offer or action

Email and Mobile

Email and Mobile Studio

It allows the marketer to do best in class messaging with AI-driven content on channels with the highest ROI including SMS, push, and chat app messages

social icon

Social Studio

It allows marketer to listen, publish, and engage to create customer advocates, and connect social to Marketing, Sales, and Service in one platform powered by AI


Journey Builder

Journey Builder

It is an orchestration engine that allows marketer to coordinate all marketing channels — across email, mobile, advertising, and the web — seamlessly with each other, as well as coordinate those channels with channels that go beyond marketing like Sales, Service, and Commerce

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