Sales Cloud

In this connected world, where the customer is more getting informed and aware, a sales rep simply cannot keep pushing products and services to them. They need to be aware of ,
the buyer’s persona and journey, to be able to become a helpful experts and not just another Sales Rep…

Service Cloud

Customer service is of critical importance to your business because it’s key to retaining the customers you close and extracting more value from them.
Many companies makes the mistake of keeping customer service on low priority while allocating the budget…

Marketing Cloud

In the era, where we are heading towards the fourth technology revolution, these technologies are empowering consumer, which is changing their expectation of the brand experience.
Today consumer is the king in real sense – choosing the platform, devices and means of communication…

Education Cloud

Institutions today are facing drastic transformation in their overall environment and structure. Students are now expecting a lot more from their institution, they expect the same personalized interaction, engagement and attention and they are receiving outside…

Staff Augmentation

Hiring the right people is crucial for any businesses growth and success. Many IT companies, however, struggle with the hassle of headhunting, staff retention and control, which makes hiring right in the first time around – very important…

Salesforce Communities

We can help you with best practices for creating communities with lightning and communities templates. Communities are branded spaces for your employees, customers, and partners to connect. You can customize and create communities to meet your business needs… App Development is an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing platform which allows user to develop, package and instantaneously deploy applications without any infrastructure.
With Salesforce lightning platform, we can help you in create and deploy that are rock solid and scalable. We can also assist you in automating your processes, integrating with external application, deliver mobile experience and more.

App Exchange Services

It can be used inside an org, or outside the org on any sites page or portal tab or page. Salesforce community cloud connects you and your customers. Salesforce community cloud experts with a wealth of experience. We can help you to build and maintain your community.

System Integration

Create a more engaged customer and employee experience with third-party data integrations. With the Salesforce Platform you can bring together disparate systems — data that lives in external ERP, Supply Chain, HR, or on-premises software like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft — to build a unified view of your customer. Our robust tools and powerful APIs dramatically reduce integration time to unlock…

Lightning Components

The Lightning Component framework is a UI framework for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices. It’s a modern framework for building single-page applications engineered for growth.
The framework supports partitioned multi-tier component development that bridges the client and server. It uses JavaScript on the client side and Apex on the server side.