The Face of Sales is Changing

In this connected world, where the customer is more getting informed and aware, a sales rep simply cannot keep pushing products and services to them. They need to be aware of the buyer’s persona and journey, to be able to become a helpful experts and not just another Sales Rep.

To sell your products or services to a pro, you need to be a pro.

Hence, you need a solution which helps in optimizing every stage of your sales cycle.

Right from the moment prospect becomes a lead until you collect cash, and even beyond with customer support and upsell opportunities, you should be able to engage customers at just the right time, track them through the sales cycle, get visibility into sales forecasts and team performance, and identify the best upsell and cross sell opportunities.

The face of Sales is changing

How you asked?

Salesforce Sales Cloud

With Salesforce Sales Cloud sales rep can get more empowered with the latest technology built into the Salesforce Platform, including artificial intelligence, which means they can sell smarter, spending less time on tasks and more time closing.

Salesforce sales cloud is the only CRM fuelled by a free online learning program!

Some of the features which can enhance your sales rep productivity are:

Sales Cloud Einstein – The data scientist you need!

Salesforce Einstein – the first comprehensive AI for CRM. Einstein is an integrated set of AI technologies that makes the Salesforce Platform smarter, without the help of data scientists.

Allows you to:

  • Automatically capture sales activities and customer data
  • Get next-best actions and recommended email responses
  • Forecast and view reports and dashboards in real-time
App exchange

AppExchange: Install Pre-Built Apps & Components

You can now connect 1000s of trusted AppExchange apps and components for sales organizations. and instantly make them available on any device, so reps can update and collaborate on-the-go.

Allows you to:

  • Get ready to install options – apps, components, consultants, Lightning Data, & Bolt Solutions
  • Extend Salesforce with specific solutions for your industry
  • Discover personalized recommendations with intelligent search
  • Learn best practices with integrated content & Trailhead

Business on your finger tips 

Speaking of on-the-go, another key to unlocking the productivity of your salespeople is allowing them to easily sell from anywhere, on any device.

Allows you to:

You can visit some of these and see what they offer, writing effective sales letters but you might also use a number of them to look for essays by topic.

  • Access your entire CRM, including customizations
  • View everything from forecasts to team performance
  • Automatically log activity, plus connect email and calendar
Business On your fingertip
Easy to customize CRM

Easy-to-customize CRM

Every business out there is different, ergo its needs. That’s why the application can be tailored and configured to fit your unique sales process and business needs.

Allows you to:

  • Connect every channel for a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Create personalized experiences with clicks, not code
  • Build apps lightning fast using drag-and-drop tools

Accelerate productivity and track your sales cycle

One of the first keys to success in growing pipeline lies in the ability to manage it more efficiently and consistently. With the Sales Cloud you can optimize the process of taking a prospect from lead to close faster.

Allows you to:

  • Create and view a better pipeline of quality leads
  • Guide reps through sales stages and teach best practices
  • Generate and deliver accurate sales quotes with ease
Sales Cloud_Productivity

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